Gothic Homemaking with Aurelio Voltaire

Picture a young Vincent Price and the Crypt Keeper filling in for Martha Stewart and you are most of the way to envisioning GOTHIC HOMEMAKING with AURELIO VOLTAIRE; a show for morbidly inclined homemakers with a sardonic sense of humor.

In 2016, Gothic rockstar and media personality, Aurelio Voltaire (along with his insult-slinging, desiccated co-host, Orville Deadenbacher) embarked on transforming a humble New York City studio apartment into a Gothic lair and the Gothic Homemaking show was born. Since then, like an Anthony Bourdain for the coffin crowd, he as traveled the world showing viewers where to find Gothic thrones, stuffed ravens, human remains and all manner of macabre home furnishings. Spooky DIY projects and recurring monster characters flesh out this spooky, informative and often hilarious show. 

Gothic Homemaking can be seen on Aurelio Voltaire’s official Youtube channel:



WATCH EPISODES on Youtube or on the EPISODES PAGE right HERE:

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