Gothic Homemaking Black Christmas Kit

Presenting, the Gothic Homemaking Black Christmas kit!

Making a wine bottle candelabra was never easier as Voltaire's done most of the work for you! This Black Christmas kit contains:

1 wine bottle emptied by Aurelio Voltaire and Orville and painted black just for you!
2 candles to choose from ( 1 white/1 black)
2 spooky stickers to choose from.
1 Greeting card from the Lair signed by Orville Deadenbacher and Voltaire!
1 Deady ornament for your tree (or coffin or backpack)
1 Voltaire Key pendant by Alchemy Gothic AND
1 digital download of the Raised by Bats album to provide some appropriate music for your
that digital download also happens to be a full color vinyl sticker!!! All of this shipped to you in a mysterious black box is only $60.66
(shipping included!) Makes a great spooky Xmas gift for that baby bat in your life! Guaranteed to arrive before Christmas! Just stick a bow on it and you're done!


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